About Us

Wall Street Wealth Management connects private lenders with real estate investors who are unable to access loans from conventional banking institutions. Many of these borrowers are foreign nationals who are unable to access the US mortgage market to pull out equity in their US properties and are willing to pay a premium to private lenders who can provide a financial solution.  

Wall Street Wealth Management launched a new division in April 2020 when the pandemic first peaked and led to uncertainty within capital markets. This uncertainty caused many lending options to dry up and Wall Street Wealth Management saw this as an opportunity to bridge the gap between borrowers seeking capital and private lenders who were looking for above average returns on their investments. We currently have more than 70 investment opportunities for private lenders to provide loans through WSWM.

As an investor, Note Investing/Trust Deed Investing  can be an excellent way of diversifying your portfolio.  Put simply, it is a ‘promise to pay’ which is secured against a performing property. In addition to foreign nationals who have purchased property for cash, a typical borrower might also be someone who has used their IRA, 401K or otherwise to purchase their investment property and now wants to pull out some of the equity and reinvest it.

Here’s a typical example:

Ben owns a single family rental property worth $100,000.  He would like to pull out $50,000 worth of equity in order to purchase another property.

Jill wants to diversify her portfolio and generate stable passive income by lending $50,000 to Ben through Wall Street Wealth Management.

 WSWM creates the loan documents and sends them to Jill for review.  After her approval, we send the documents to the Title Company related to the location of the property who then forwards them to Ben for signature.

Jill wires the $50,000 to the Title Company’s escrow account.  When Ben returns the signed documents, the funds are released to him and the Title Company records the Note. Jill will now start to receive passive income until the loan is repaid.